Slava Korneev

Number of reviews: 21
Sports: Kitesurf
Qualification: Instructor & Guide
Organization: Kiresurf Republic
Country: Vietnam
City: Phan Tiet
Languages:English, Russian
Professional kite board instructor. Our kite school will teach you how to kitesurf from zero level and will help your progress in this exciting activity. In our team there are only professional instructors who teach kitesurfing equally effectively in different parts of the world. For beginners, we offer two versions of the course - the "basic" and "advanced." During the basic course you will learn brief theory and get an idea of what a kite is and how it works. We will supply you with the correct kite control technology, which will help to progress faster at all stages of learning and facilitate your progress in the future. You will learn a secure way for yourself and others to start using and put the kite on the beach, do all the necessary maneuvers on the water, such as "bodydrag" downwards and upwards the wind. You will find out how to create strong driving force by your kite and learn how to measure it effectively to have water start with the board. As well as this, you will learn the correct stance on the board for your long journeys in both directions. During the advanced course you can also learn how to go up the wind on the board. This skill is necessary in order to let you go back to the same point where you started instead of walking, which is really tiring ). We also teach you reversals without landing in the water and the most rapidly progressing learners will make their first jumps. Important: To learn kitesurfing you do not need special physical training. We are happy to teach anyone between 9 and 60 years old.